If you’re thinking about installing new flooring in your home, it’s recommended find a reputable store in the Middlesex County, NJ area to ensure the best results. The Middlesex County best flooring store will not only offer the best flooring options and installation, but will offer great tips for cleaning your beautiful new floor as well.  Floors are probably one of the dirtiest and germ-iest places in your home (short of maybe the bathroom).  Keep your family healthy, your allergies at bay, and your beautiful new flooring lasting longer with these tips for cleaning!

Cleaning Tips from a Flooring Store in Middlesex County

Best Middlesex County Flooring StoreHardwood Flooring:

Hardwood floors take the most work to maintain, but have the most beautiful results.  Always start with a regular dusting of the floor to pick up any loose dirt, pet hair, or debris that might scratch the floor surface.  A basic dusting agent can be applied to help pull up those leftovers.  You can also use a vacuum with floor brush attachment or an electric broom, but be sure you don’t use a sweeper with a beater bar attachment, as it will likely scratch the floor’s finish. . . yikes!

A deeper hardwood floor cleaning can be achieved by using a wood cleaning product diluted to the label’s instructions.  Be sure you are using a clean sponge or rag mop in warm water that is wrung nearly dry, to prevent any standing water left on your floors.  For hardwood floor, consider more of a damp-mop cleaning than a wet mop.  Consider blowing a ceiling fan or box fan across the floor to speed up the cleaning and drying process.

Ceramic Tile:

Ceramic tile floors are easily cleaned with just warm water. The trick is to be sure there is no loose soil or dirt on the floor before washing. Be sure to sweep or vacuum the floor first to remove any excess dust and dirt, then go ahead and clean with a micro-fiber mop.  Different from a sponge mop, a micro fiber mop will pull the first from in between the grout tracks and cracks, while a sponge mop will just load it up in the middle.  You can also use the good old Cinderella bucket and rag method, but be sure to book your next back massage first!


Vinyl floors are probably some of the easiest to clean and maintain.  Though they don’t have the same great look as hardwood or tile, vinyl floors are often more durable and a very low cost alternative if you are looking for something that works in a pinch.  To clean vinyl floors, mix borax into a bucket of warm water and mop.  It’s that easy!

Looking for a Reputable Middlesex County Flooring Store?

Choosing the right flooring is no easy task, and these were just some of the more popular options. If you are looking to have professional help for your flooring project, look no further than J Brothers Flooring. Located in New Brunswick, This Central NJ flooring store has provided high quality flooring work to Somerset, Middlesex, and Union county areas for over a decade. Service towns in the Middlesex County include Old Bridge, East Brunswick, Monmouth Junction, South Brunswick, Edison, Middlesex, Milltown, North Brunswick, Somerset, Woodbridge and many more throughout Central New Jersey. For more information call us today!

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