So you need new flooring and can’t decide whether to go with Middlesex County carpet flooring or hardwood flooring. Which do you choose? While hardwood flooring does has its advantages, carpet flooring can hold its own pretty well too!  Here we will outline five pros of choosing carpet flooring  in Middlesex County NJ over the traditional, and often highly esteemed, hardwood floors.

Middlesex County Carpet Flooring | Advantages of Carpet

1.  Cost:

Part of the appeal of hardwood floor is the status of it being higher cost.  That doesn’t mean hardwood floor is the most stylish option or the best option for you, especially if you are trying to work within a budget!  While the materials alone for hardwood floors for a 12 foot by 12 foot room can range from just over 1200 dollars to over 2000, the materials for a carpet are usually only a fraction of this cost!  Even installation for hardwood flooring is more compared to the installation of Middlesex County carpet flooring.

2.  Carpet is Softer!

Though seemingly obvious, the fact that carpet flooring is softer than hardwood floor brings a huge advantage to families and homes with pets.  If you are interested in moving furniture more than once, are moving weights or heavy instruments about, or if you have small children or pets around, carpet is the better bet and will keep you from an injured or dented hardwood floor should something fall.  More than that, the carpet options of today are much softer even still than the carpet that was being produced just a few years ago.  Carpets are being woven with more and smaller fibers to literally make them feel softer.  What’s not to love?

Carpet Flooring in Middlesex County NJ3.  Looks:

Different from hardwood flooring, carpet flooring in Middlesex County comes in countless, literally countless varieties and styles.  You can not only choose the color of your carpeting, but the texture, yarn, pattern, print, type of looping and more.  Carpet can play into the theme of your room or be as generic and neutral as you’d like.  You can also more easily customize carpet to fit a changing decor or style when it suits your fancy for much less than redoing a hardwood floor or other types of flooring.

4.  Sound Control:

Volume may not be the first thing on your priority list when considering Middlesex County carpet flooring, but maybe it should be!  Especially if you are living in a multi-family home or have pets or children (even teenagers!), carpet will suck up the extra noise bouncing around the rooms of your home and keep you and your family more comfortable.  The sound dampening power of carpet may also benefit a couple with conflicting work schedules so one can sleep or nap in peace while the other is going about their daily business.  Consider carpet especially for a nursery, bedroom, media or music room, reading room, or finished attic or basement.

5.  Eco-Friendly:

If you are interested in “going green” and the most ecologically friendly housewares and lifestyles, an all natural carpet may be for you!  Sisal and wool carpet options today are very earth-friendly.  You can also find a large variety of non-toxic dyes and all-natural carpet fibers as opposed to demolishing another forest to cover the forest that was already massacred to plank your space in the first place!

Looking for a Great Store for Carpet Flooring in the Middlesex County, New Jersey Area?

Choosing the right flooring is no easy task, and these were just some of the more popular options. If you are looking to have professional help for your flooring project, look no further than J Brothers Flooring. Located in New Brunswick, This Central NJ flooring store has provided high quality flooring work to Somerset, Middlesex, and Union county areas for well over a decade. Service towns in the Middlesex County include North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Monroe, East Brunswick, Edison, Piscataway, Milltown, South Plainfield, Woodbridge, Old Bridge and many more throughout Central New Jersey. For more information call us today!

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