When it comes to hiring floor company for installing Middlesex County hardwood flooring, not all companies are the same. Some will try to rip you off for more money and others may just do a poor job. You want to be sure that you’re selecting a professional and reputable company for the job. If you’re wondering what a great company for hardwood flooring in Middlesex County, NJ looks like, below are some indications that you’ve got one on your hands.

Middlesex County Hardwood Flooring | Signs of a Great Flooring Company

They Provided a Detailed and Thorough Price Quote in Writing:

The written quote you get from your Middlesex County hardwood flooring installer is actually a legal and binding document. In fact, almost all professional South Plainfield floor companies will require that you sign the document before they ever begin work. It should include exactly what it included in the installation cost, as well as info about the hardwood flooring, and all preparation. After all, not only does it provide the details of exactly what they’ll be doing for you, it also outlines how much you will be paying for South Plainfield floor installation services.

Hardwood Flooring in Middlesex County NJChecking Moisture and Acclimatizing Your Hardwood:

A solid hardwood floor swells and contracts along with the moisture content of its immediate surroundings; expanding during the humid summer months and shrinking during the dry winters. It is essential that your contractor makes sure that your wooden flooring is properly acclimatized to its new environment before being nailed down. Your Middlesex County hardwood flooring installer should be taking moisture content meter readings of the flooring and the sub- flooring, taking care that they are not more than 4% apart. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for your new wood to acclimatize to its new location. Your contractor should also be measuring room temperature and relative humidity to make sure they are not outside normal living conditions. This will also mean not starting the acclimation process until after other building work is finished and all windows and doors are installed.

Properly Preparing the Subfloor:

Before the first hardwood plank is laid the subfloor needs to be thoroughly prepared and this simply means that it needs to be clean, flat and dry. Make sure your Middlesex County hardwood flooring installer has removed any job site debris from the subfloor that could interfere with installation. Check that your contractor is happy with the flatness of the existing subfloor, if it’s not level your hardwood floor won’t be either and that can lead to bouncy or squeaky floor boards. And your subfloor should be dry, as mentioned above your contractor needs to make sure your subfloor is not concealing much more moisture than the hardwood flooring. If you do live in a region where the moisture levels are high, then you should definitely consider engineered wood flooring instead. Finally check with your South Plainfield floor contractor that the materials used for the subfloor are appropriate, for example plywood rather than particleboard.

Preparing the Layout:

If your Middlesex County hardwood flooring company turns up to start laying your hardwood floors and they’re already nailing planks down within ten minutes of arrival then you might have cause for concern. A good installation contractor will plot out the layout of each room carefully to avoid problems further down the road. Not all rooms will be perfectly square, not all planks will look exactly the same and there are tricky areas that need to be thought through like the top of stairs, in between doorways or around a fire place. Taking these factors into account, making calculations early and planning the layout before starting the job will avoid headaches later on.

Using Enough Nails:

If a hardwood floor isn’t fastened down properly then you will inevitably have problems down the road. Believe it or not some installers have been known not to use enough nails, either because they didn’t know better or because they were trying to cut corners. Not enough fasteners leads to moving, noisy floor boards and gaps.

Looking for the Best Company for Hardwood Flooring in the Middlesex County, New Jersey Area?

Choosing the right flooring is no easy task, and these were just some of the more popular options. If you are looking to have professional help for your flooring project, look no further than J Brothers Flooring. Located in New Brunswick, This Central NJ flooring store has provided high quality flooring work to Somerset, Middlesex, and Union county areas for well over a decade. Service towns in the Middlesex County include East Brunswick, South River, Monroe, Helmetta, Edison, Piscataway, Milltown, Fords, Woodbridge, Cranbury, New Brunswick, Colonia and many more throughout Central New Jersey. For more information call us today!

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